Fusion Brakes designs and manufactures high performance carbon ceramic brakes for drivers who demand the best from their vehicle. Our forward-thinking, passionate California based team utilizes innovative technology to differentiate our product from other braking systems. Every rotor we produce is distinguished by our proprietary design and formulas. The Fusion Brakes manufacturing process has allowed our team to overcome limitations previously faced when making carbon ceramic rotors. This unique process has allowed us to create a stronger rotor with smoother edges meaning every Fusion Brakes outfitted car will benefit from increased performance and rotor life. 

It is our goal to become the new leader of the carbon ceramic brake industry by providing an outstanding experience for every client and by continually creating top-performing products.

Our Story

Fusion Brakes was founded with the vision to bring carbon ceramic braking technology to an expanded market by re-engineering the technology to provide the best driving experience possible for more vehicles. 

Clifford Leonard and Francisco Bertagni both worked in the classic car industry before switching full time to pursuing the future of braking technology. Clifford's family has strong roots in the automotive industry with his father's company, Original Parts Group Inc. and his uncle's company, Classic Industries Inc., producing products sold world wide.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    1. What are Carbon Ceramic Rotors?

    Carbon ceramic brakes are a high performance set of rotors that provide drivers some of the same technology found in Formula 1 racing. The primary benefits are typically compared to a cars performance using cast iron rotors, a solid standard in the automotive industry. Those benefits include:

    • More friction, which leads to faster stopping distances.
    • About 50% reduction in unsprung weight for quicker turns and mobility.
    • No brake fade due to the material being so heat resistant.
    • The life cycle of a single disc can last up to 4 times longer than your standard cast iron rotors. 

    2. How long will Carbon Ceramic Brakes last on my car?

    Theoretically, Carbon Ceramic Brakes have been tested to last just shy of 200,000 miles on a vehicle. However, every driver is different. For example, someone who does extreme motor-sports and uses a lot of hard braking can really wear down brakes much faster than someone that uses their brakes more as a street driver in the city. 

    3. What is Brake Fade?

    Brake fade is caused by a buildup of heat in the braking surfaces and the subsequent changes and reactions in the brake system components and can be experienced with both drum brakes and disc brakes. Loss of stopping power, or fade, can be caused by friction fade, mechanical fade, or fluid fade. Brake fade can be significantly reduced by appropriate equipment and materials design and selection, as well as good cooling. 

    Carbon Ceramic Rotors are very heat resistant compared to cast iron rotors, making it almost impossible to incur brake fade.

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